Making lithium-ion
battery systems safer.

The industry leader in passive prevention and containment of
thermal runaway and propagation elimination. LithiumPrevent, an intumescent polymer, is proven effective through internal testing, independent testing, and evaluations at NASA, the FAA, and DNV.


A passive fire safety system that delivers reliable, cost-effective, high performance passive fire propagation and external short-circuit protection. Our proprietary, intumescent thermoplastic allows OEMs to confidently supply safer lithium-ion battery systems.

LithiumPrevent’s proprietary intumescent polymer technology is injection molded or extruded to form fire-resistant battery pack components. The technology, combined with innovative designs and our team’s expertise, delivers superior thermal runaway containment and propagation prevention for OEM battery systems.


Flexible by design, our engineers can custom-build cost-effective solutions that are QA tested and optimized to meet individual OEM specifications for smooth system integration. Our team of experts has consistently succeeded in meeting fire safety standards and will work closely with your team to ensure your system achieves whatever standard is required, including UL 9540A.

LithiumPrevent is a thermoplastic that can be injection molded or over molded to intricate shapes and sizes to protect battery systems from electrical fires caused by arcing. The technology, combined with best in class processing expertise from our ISO 9001 and IATF certified OEM molding partners, delivers precision-made critical battery pack components for OEM battery systems.

Electric Car Battery Pack

Our team of experts work closely with Tier 1 and Tier 2 automotive suppliers to engineer tailored, high performance solutions that ensure battery system compliance is consistently met. A proprietary thermoplastic with high dielectric strength that prevents electrical fires caused by arcing, LithiumPrevent allows OEMs to meet stringent fire testing standards. 

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Independent Testing & Evaluation


“The results clearly form a cohesive picture as to the viability of a safe packaging solution for containment of a thermal runaway fire based on intumescent fire resistant polymer composites for operational use, transportation and storage of lithium ion cobalt batteries.”


“It was shown that insulation materials can prevent the probable propagation of thermal runaway in modules constructed with the prismatic cells.”


“As a last line of defense these materials have demonstrated significant potential to limit or halt propagation.”

Approved Converting and Moulding Partners

Fire Test Standards

ASTM E119 – Fire Tests of Building and Construction Materials
CAN/ULC-S115 – Fire Tests of Firestop Systems
ASTM-E84 – Flame Spread, Smoke Developed
UL 94 – Flame Spread
UL 9540A – Propagating Thermal Runaway

Testing Facilities


What makes LithiumPrevent unique?

Fire resistant, a higher degree of fire protection than fire retardant

Highly insulating char which provides a thermal barrier is formed through an endothermic reaction

Electrically insulative (high Dielectric Breakdown strength)

When dealing with lithium battery fire (i.e. class delta fire), this material stays up with rapid rise in temperature by reacting instantaneously

There are several commercially available formulations – what do the different formulations change?

For formulations LP 100R, LP 150 and LP 200, the loading of different additives is varied to increase or decrease the fire performance characteristics and mechanical properties of our materials.

How can you process the material?

For prototyping, we make blocks to size and CNC machine the material. So long as wall thicknesses are 1mm+ we have not had any issues making parts into very complex shapes.

For production, we can injection mold, thermoform or extrude depending on the needs of the design and what is more economical.

Is your material easy to process?

Injection molding, thermoforming and extrusion are all capable of utilizing existing tooling with little parameter changes in most cases but review on a case by case basis is required. Proprietary knowledge of speeds and feeds require trials and experimentation but we have the ability to train and support as needed.

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