We’ve developed a suite of intumescent fire resistant polymer composite(s) that contain a proprietary and patented intumescent powder. This powder, when combined with thermoplastics like PVC and HDPE can be used as a passive fire barrier for containing thermal runaway lithium battery fires or as a fire barrier component for use in commercial construction to save lives.

Application Engineering

The ability to process our intumescent polymer composite in an automated molding, injection, or machining process is unique to PyroPhobic Systems.  Furthermore, we have engineered a process by which our polymer can be extruded into sheets for applications including; commercial fire barriers for the construction industry, and protective barriers in the fabrication of lithium battery containers. Our team of chemical engineers work together with your company to apply our innovative products to your fire stop challenges in order to create a customized solution.

There are two basic formulations of our materials:

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• used in typical ambient temperatures• used in elevated operational temperatures
• can increase in volume up to 80x• can increase in volume up to 20x
• is non-conductive

Formulation Variables

By manipulating certain formulation variables we’re able to create a diverse set of products with the following characteristics:

• A proprietary fire rated compound encased in plastic• Antimicrobial
• Non-Hydroscopic• Hyper expansion
• Maintains fire resistant efficacy in  any environment• Heavy and durable char
• Shore D Hardness and Durability  ranging from 30 to 70• Versatile applications
• Repairable• Excellent processability
• Different levels of fire  resistance• Tailored solution for specific need
• 1 and 2 hour ratings obtained at  Nationally Certified Testing  Laboratorie• Cost effective
• Multiple colors available


The 2 curves display weight change versus temperature relationship. The red curve depicts expansion versus temperature relationship for an IntuPlas formula. The test duration was 30 minutes.

Fire Test Standards

  • ASTM –E119 – Fire Tests of Building and Construction Materials
  • ASTM-E814 – Fire Tests of Through-Penetration Firestops
  • CAN/ULC-S115 – Fire Tests of Firestop Systems
  • ASTM E84 – Flame Spread, Smoke Developed


Testing Facilities

Our materials and products are all tested at industry leading testing facilities to assure the highest standards including:

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