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Pyrophobic Systems is a leader in intumescent polymer sciences, manufacturing and engineered applications. We specialize in advanced passive fire safety solutions that save lives and protect property.

For over 25 years, our patented technologies have been at the forefront of polymeric innovation. In that time, we’ve pioneered internationally accredited fire barrier systems tailored to building construction, battery energy storage and electric vehicle applications.

Our solutions are manufactured in three dimensions at scale and achieve the most rigorous industry test standards. Leveraging proprietary technology, our team of experts collaborate with OEM’s to engineer safety solutions to exacting specifications for optimal performance.

Life Safety Solutions

Energy Storage

Pyrophobic’s passive battery fire containment solutions for battery energy storage systems are proven to achieve UL 9540A.


Electric Vehicle

The industry leader in passive thermal runaway prevention and containment.

Building Construction

Our innovative line of construction products are certified by Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories and provide superior fire barrier protection.


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