Innovation is Only the Beginning.

Through partnership and collaboration, we specialize in the creation and production of life-safety products that work to increase escape times and limit damage to property.

After developing Intuplas polymeric composite technology in response to a Department of Defense request 15 years ago, we continue to improve and expand upon our technologies and the markets we serve. In fact, in the 15 years since this partnership, we’ve supplied our products to hundreds of industries in varying markets including construction, electrical, lighting and energy and hold a range of patents that support the use and development of unique new products.

Our in-house production, in addition to strict quality control measures and testing procedures, ensures that our products adhere to the highest standards and are listed with certified testing laboratories such as Underwriters Laboratories, Intertek Testing Services and other EU compliant laboratories.

With 20 years experience and innovation at the core of our approach, we’re constantly improving and expanding our technologies and the industries that we serve. Whatever path you want to take to utilize our technology, we are open to discussing that avenue and seeing if we can meet your needs.

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