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A patented and NRTL-listed composite temperature
rise door core for use with steel fire doors.

Temperature rise steel door manufacturers consistently choose tempRCORE for its proven test standard success (UL 10C, UL 1784), superior surface adhesion and mechanical strength.

Fire-Rated steel doors play a vital role in ensuring a fire safe route for up to three hours.


tempRCORE delivers durability and strength with its inorganic composite core wrapped in woven fiberglass. The patented design delivers a powerful fire barrier for both single and standard double steel doors.

The 55 lb. tempRCORE is a mineral temperature rise core approved by Warnock Hersey and UL for 1.5 and 3 hour positive and negative pressure steel doors, UBC 7-2, NFPA 252, UL 1OC, ULC CAN4-S104-M80, for single doors up to 4′ x 8′ and standard double doors up to 8′ x 8′. Warnock Hersey has approved the core for 1.5 hour positive and negative pressure for double egress up to 8′ x 8′.

20, 45, 60, 90 Minute or 3 Hour Label
Heavy-Duty 18-Gauge Steel Doors


Fire Test Standards

UL 10CUL 1784
Category ANFPA 80
B DoorsUBC 7-2
Category GNFPA 252
H GasketsULC CAN4-S104-M80

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