The New Standard in Fire Rated Lighting

A patented fire-resistant recessed lighting solution
that allows OEM’s to meet ASTM E119.


IntuLight™ is a cost-effective and space-saving engineered solution that delivers out-of-the-box, ready-to-install, built-in ceiling fire protection.

Ready-to-install Fire-Rated
Lighting Solution

Simply snap in a designed fire rated ring at the top of the can and gasket at the ceiling interface for a ready-to-use solution. The can and gasket assembly in combination with a patented suspension system delivers powerful fire-resistance for multifamily construction, increasing escape time and minimizing property damage by reducing the spread of fire.


IntuLight™ is a combination of fire rated intumescent rings and gaskets that expand to fill the fixture with a fire-resistant barrier, stopping the spread of fire, thermal energy, flame and smoke. IntuLight™ delivers 1 and 2 hour ratings as tested in accordance with ASTM E119 for use with UL 505 assemblies.

The novel delivery system leverages a patented drop-down design which provides protection in floor ceiling assemblies.

Fire Test Standards

ASTM E119 (1 hour & 2 hour)

Testing Facilities

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