Penn State Testing

The Penn State draft report: Safety of Lithium Nickel Cobalt Aluminum Oxide Battery Packs In transit Bus Applications (February 2016), concluded: “This test resulted in confirming this material as a viable candidate for use with NCA cells, see figure 52. It is able to maintain structural integrity and not melt or burn during or following an extreme cell venting event.”

“The fact and form of Lithium Prevent to be injection moulded into a hard and durable form, makes the daily use of the technology acceptable. The rapid transformation of the material during a runaway event into an endothermic material, adds great value to containing runaway lithium battery fires and prevents the transfer of thermal energy to adjacent cells.”

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Major University work at Penn State in support of the transportation industry conducted abuse mechanisms testing that included: penetration and crushing. Standardized test methods have been developed to address these abuse mechanisms and certify performance under these conditions.

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