Cores for safer doors.


tempRCORE is a composite fire door core with excellent surface adhesion and mechanical strength.

Pyrophobic fire door core


Size: 33.4” x 74.5”  80” H x 1.656” D
Density: 21 – 24lb/cu.ft.
Weight: 55lbs/core
Colour: White
Strenght: 150psi tensile strength


• Patented organic based composite core
• Woven fiberglass both sides
• Maximum 3 jointed pieces per door
• Available in easily handled paels up to 80”long


Approved by Warlock Hersey and UL for 1.5 and three hour positive pressure( including negative pressure) steel doors, UBC 7-2, NFPA 252, ULI0C.ULC CAN4-S104-MB30. for a single doors up to 4’ x 8’ and standard double doors up to 8’ x 8’ Wamock Hersey has approved the core for 1.5 hour positive and negative pressure for double egress up to 8’ x 8’

Door Specifications

The following specifications are required for a WH or UL listing.

Fire Door

Hollow metal temperature rise doors for installation at 1.5 and 3 hours locations.

Temperature Rise

250° F

at 30 minutes

(US Standard)

450° F

at 60 minutes

(US Standard)

250° C

at 60 minutes

(CAN Standard)


• Single up to 4’x 8’
• Standard Pairs: to 8’ x 8’ requires astragal
• Double Egress Pairs: up to 8’ x 8’ high, vertical rods, fire exit hardware & astragal.


Flush, 20 gauge minimum up to 16 gauge maximum.


Pyrophobic PSL P250C-60 core bearing a WH or UL ink stamps on each core.


As approved by WH or UL for positive pressure rated fire doors.

Vision Panels

100sq. in max, 5” x 20”


Z-type (14 gauge), blank ASA or ASA/flush bolts or flat bar type 10 gauge.


Hinges: Ball bearing per NFPA 80 or listed spring hinges or continuous.
Latches: Listed cylindrical latch 0.5” throw, listed mortise latch 0.75” throw.