The New Standard in

Fire Rated Lighting


Product Description

Pyrophobic Sytem’s fire rated technology provides fire resistant solutions for recessed lighting systems used in single and multi-family homes, and high rise buildings. This simple to install, cost effective solution provides seamless, built in ceiling fire protection by simply snapping in a designed fire rated ring at the top of the can and a gasket at the ceiling interface.

Tested for fire resistance standards by Intertek Testing Services, Pyrophobic’s fire rated rings and gaskets swell to fill the fixture with a fire resistant to char to stop the spread of fire, thermalenergy, flame and smoke. IntuLight™, manufactured by PyroPhobic Systems, provides a 1 and 2 hour rating as tested in accordance with ASTM E119 for use with UL 505 assemblies. It provides a patented intumescent drop down system for fire resistance protection of fire rated floor ceiling assemblies.

IntuLight™, by PyroPhobic Systems, is the new standard in fire rated lighting.


• Tested to ASTM E119 by nationally certified testing laboratory, Intertek Testing Services
• Patented intumescent technology reduces the risk of fire spreading to adjacent floors and rooms and increases escape time
• Meets the latest safety test standards out-of-the-box, without the need foron-site modifications
• Ease of installation negates unforeseen labour costs
• Low cost, high value solution for the architecture and building industries
• Factory Manufactured Quality Control program monitored by ITS