PyroPhobic Systems Limited is a fire barrier product manufacturer located in Barrie, Ontario, Canada who specializes in the development of passive fire containment products. The company was founded in 1994 and has been working on perfecting their products ever since. Given the revised International Building Code requirements in New York State to provide methods to prevent cascading fire in lithium-ion battery systems, their company serves as a valuable resource to the battery energy storage industry.

PyroPhobic Systems has integrated Lithium Prevent, an intumescent composite component, into the heart of a lithium-ion battery powered energy storage system to help achieve compliance with the 2018 International Building Code.

PyroPhobic’s products are injection molded thermoplastics, which give them the flexibility to be engineered for use in a variety of battery applications, ranging from stationary energy storage to electric vehicles. “Without this type of technology integrated into energy storage systems, it is extremely difficult to pass the newly modified safety regulations”, commented Tim Riley, International Business Development for PyroPhobic, who is based in Rochester, NY. It is expected that New York City’s new building codes for energy storage systems will require the inclusion of technologies like those available from PyroPhobic to pass the UL 9540a test method.

PyroPhobic offers extensive experience working with a variety of testing agencies and OEMs in the development of a wide range of intumescent composite injection molded fire barrier products. PyroPhobic Systems has the ability to support the needs of any battery system.

PyroPhobic is thankful for the support that NY-BEST provides in connecting them to energy storage companies and stakeholders in New York State, allowing them to play a meaningful role in the state’s energy storage industry.