Lithium Prevent offers a passive fire barrier system for electrical applications, including energy storage systems. Lithium Prevent is an effective fire fighting method to extinguish runaway lithium battery fires. Lithium Prevent performs at a much higher level than systems tested in accordance with ASTM E119. Lithium Prevent is characterized as “an airbag for lithium battery fires”. It quickly reacts to the extremely rapid rise associated with a lithium metal fire, so that the event is contained and extinguished. Lithium Prevent has the potential to comply with building code currently under revision to:

  • Contain a runaway lithium battery fire to a single point
  • Protect battery packs from an exterior fire, thus preventing a Class Delta fire situation controlling an explosive catastrophic event.
  • Realize the potential to comply with building code to contain a runaway lithium battery event.
  • An appropriate means to protect residential energy storage systems and an effective risk deterrent when used for a large grid based systems.
  • Evaluated by DNV laboratories to be effective at containing runaway events.

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