Wina Lithium Battery Testing – Press Release

Pyrophobic Systems Ltd., Barrie, ON visited Wina Lithium Battery at their facilities located in Shandong Providence, PRC.   Wina and Pyrophobic evaluated Lithium Prevent’s effectiveness to contain a lithium battery runaway event. PyroPhobic Systems provided Wina a set of injection moulded polymeric prototype modules made of IntuPlas, that were effective at containing a cascading runaway lithium battery fire to a single point.

WINA Lithium Battery is part of the Taiqi Group which manufacturers a set of vertically integrated lithium battery powered applications including electric cars and busses as well as energy storage systems. PyroPhobic Systems, Ltd. is a material science company with unique, proprietary intumescent, fire resistant, thermoplastic technologies that are injection moulded to form fire resistant battery pack components that contain the spread of runaway lithium batteries.

PyroPhobic Systems, Ltd.
649 Welham Road
Barrie, ON, Canada
(705) 730-0840

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