PyroPhobic Systems, Ltd. Collaboration

Barrie, ON.  

PyroPhobic Systems, Ltd. located in Barrie ON collaborated with a local extruder to successfully produce sheets of IntuPlas and Bernograph that will be utilized to produce effective passive fire protection products, in addition to injection moulded components. IntuPlas sheets can be utilized by Lithium Prevent in order to add a whole new range of application versatility for performance packaging to contain runaway lithium battery fires.  

IntuPlas and Bernograph have a unique ability to be thermoformed into modular components that can be used to wrap cells or components and thermally separate them, preventing a lithium battery thermal runaway catastrophic event.  IntuPlas and Bernograph sheets are also flexible and extremely durable and can be used multiple times.

Lithium Prevent™ has been evaluated by NASA and determined to be effective at containing cascading lithium battery fires.  Lithium Prevent™has also been evaluated by DNV-GL Laboratories at the NY BEST laboratory in Rochester, New York.  IntuPlas and Bernograph have been evaluated by UL and ITS and have fire resistant ratings up to 2 hours.

PyroPhobic Systems, Ltd. is an innovative material science company with unique, proprietary intumescent, fire resistant, thermoplastic technologies to form durable fire resistant battery pack components, and performance packaging solutions.

To learn more about how Lithium Prevent sheets and how they can be used as a lithium battery performance package system please contact us at 649 Welham Road, Barrie, ON, Canada (705) 730-0840.


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